The Club Cleaner


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This is the story of how I got it, and how I got rid of it.

During the past summer, I attended golfing event.  I had never been golfing before, and I found the experience very interesting.

I also quickly found out that not only does it cost an arm and a leg to get into a golfing facility, it equipment also costs a lot.  Golf clubs and golf shoes are not cheap.  For this event, I just wore my running shoes, and borrowed clubs from my friend.

At a 50/50 charity raffle, I won a set of golf cleaners!

Woopee!  But I had already made the decision that golfing wasn’t for me (I think it’s a wasteful sport, but we’ll save that for another post).  I knew that I had to get rid of them on the spot before they came home with me.    I asked one of the guys if they wanted it since I had no use for it.  He was super happy, and I got to leave with one less item to clutter my place!

How do you get rid of freebies that you may not need or want?

5 Responses to “The Club Cleaner”

  1. xuan Says:

    I prefer to give my unwanted things (which i ensure that they are in good or usable condition) away to my friends/ family members who can have better uses of it. I would think carefully about whom to give, or in the end i may just donate to the salvation army.

    For example, I have a dozen of old autographed cds to give away recently. I posted a facebook post asking for any takers for my cds, and several people posted that they would want them since they are free. i thought about it, and decided to donate to salvation army thrift stores, because i think that the latter will have better use for them (charity purposes to collect money). so there are ways which you can clear your things =D

  2. Turling Says:

    Err…what are golf cleaners?

  3. Pretty much the same way; I look around and see who looked dissapointed at not having won and give it to them. If no one wants it, I drop it in the Goodwill drop box on my way home.

  4. Hey AM!

    With regards to freebies, I usually hand them over to my mom. She always knows someone who may know someone else that might need them. And if she actually can’t find anyone within 5 miles that she can physically give it to, she’ll send it to Haiti.

    But I must confess, freebies usually sit a while in my presence before I even think of giving them away.

  5. I refuse all freebies now. It used to be a big issue for me. Both me and my honey worked in the supplements industry and were constantly getting free products. They were overtaking us! Eliminating them completely has been wonderful.


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