I’m a mid twenties gal living in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, navigating my way on my journey to a minimalistic lifestyle.

I like to talk about personal finance (more from the personal perspective!), travel, food, health and how they can benefit from a more minimalistic approach.  Generally, I just like to talk.  That’s why I have a blog! 😉

My parents are from Southeast Asia, and left everything behind when their countries were war torn.  They have lived in Hong Kong, France and have been in Canada for the last 30 years.

My two younger sisters, and I were fortunate enough to be born here.  We grew up in the sub-urbs of Toronto. I finished my undergraduate degree in Engineering about two years ago, and have been working since towards my path to financial freedom.

I have moved out of my parents’ home and rent an apartment from a family friend with my roommate – which is much closer to work than my parents’ home.

Growing up frugal, my sisters and I have a lot of common views regarding minimalism and conscious spending.  We all have slightly different styles and priorities, but we like to talk about it.  We also enjoy the occasional shopping trip, of course!

I started to read more about personal finance soon after graduating when I was working towards paying off my student loans.  It wasn’t a huge amount – approximately $8000, but I didn’t like having something over my head.  After I paid off my loan, I realized that I didn’t have much savings left, and I didn’t really know where my money was going.

I started to track my spending using a budget sheet from Fabulously Broke, and got cracking on learning about RRSP’s, TFSA, mutual funds, stocks, index funds, GIC’s, bonds, and how they could relate to my life.  Then, I opened up several savings account with ING, and started automatically depositing money in each individual account.

Being able to have a handle on my finances has given me a lot of confidence towards taking care of myself.

It was at this same time that I started to read more about a simplistic life style.   It wasn’t that I didn’t want stuff in my life, I just wanted my stuff to mean something.  I also wanted the good stuff, and not stuff that I didn’t care about.  I realized that I could make my life better by the little things.  Paring down my closet, and bathroom.

I could focus on the things that make me happy, instead of all the things around it.

I love to cook.  I love to travel.  I love to relax.

I started to cook meals for everyday of the week.  I would eat out, but not for the necessity of feeding myself.   They would be to meet with friends, or to try out a new restaurant.  I would no longer just get take-out just because I didn’t have food at home.

I started focus on where I wanted to go and much money I would need to save to get there.  What I wanted to get out of traveling.  How could I make the trip enjoyable and affordable?  What could I cut out that wouldn’t change the quality of my trip?  What pace would I like to travel at?

I love spending my weekends doing almost nothing.  Spending a day on the beach playing volleyball and then walking home in the sunset.  Lounging in my pj’s and watching a marathon of Criminal Minds breaking only to make food and eat :).  Visiting friends or my sisters and spending the entire day grocery shopping and cooking, then staying up all night catching up on gossip.

This is me.

Welcome to my blog.

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