Life Lesson: It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask


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I believe that we have been told this lesson for most of our lives.

Another way to put this is, if you don’t do something about it, who will?  It could be big things, like asking for a raise.  It could be small things, like asking for a really yummy basil-mayo for your sweet potato fries (yum!).

Simply asking, can make your life a lot easier.

I re-learned this lesson, yesterday, and of course, will share with my lovely readers 🙂

I take route B to work, most mornings.  I head east on Road B, then I need to make a pesky left turn on to the small road (Road A) which connects to my office.   I have taken this route for at least a year and a half, and luckily there is a left turn advance where I can turn from Road B to Road A.  All is well in my little world.

A few weeks ago, the left turn advance was no longer worker.  There are a lot of office buildings in Road A, and the back up for cars waiting to turn left without the left turn advance was awful.  I would either grumpily wait my turn, or turn left at the next road (though not ideal since it didn’t have a left turn advance).   I would make a mental to call the City to complain, and of course, I would forget.

After a few weeks, I figured they must be getting tonne and tonnes of complaints from all the angry people waiting to turn left at Road A.  And I finally sat down fuming and ready to make the call into the City to give me a piece of my mind.

I left a message with the traffic signal malfunction lady, and explained to her the situation and which light was not working.  She called me back that same afternoon, and asked for some more information – such as when I was driving through, and confirmed directions and roads.  She said that she would talk to some people and get it fixed.

I figured it was a long shot, and started to fume about City workers and the plight of our City.

The following morning, I got a call back from a traffic engineer with the City, and she told me that they had sent a Contractor out that same day to fix the problem.  It turns out the timer for the left turn advance was off by an hour, and has been reset.  The left turn advance only worked during rush hours between 6:30 and 9:15 am, but since it was off by an hour, the left turn advance was not working after 8:15am – which is about the time I got there!

I thanked the engineer for their prompt response and asked if anyone else had e-mailed or called in to report this malfunction, and she said, “no”, that the City never even knew about it.

Isn’t that funny?  Of all the people who were stuck behind that malfunctioning light for the past few weeks, I am the only one to call in and report it.  Like I said, it never hurts to ask 😉

Note: I only drive this route once or twice a week.  I try to take public transit one day, or I stay at BF’s and come another route.

What are some of your stories about good things that happen when you ask?

2 Responses to “Life Lesson: It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask”

  1. Mogul Says:

    This is a great example of how people who are unafraid to speak up are the ones who get results.

  2. Mogul – For sure! I’m slowly learning that lesson! 🙂

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