My Spa Secret


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Be it a hot stone massage, a Swedish massage, or a any other massage therapy, I have one little secret that makes my experience all the more relaxing, and hence, more rewarding.

Get there 10 minutes early.

Many of us work stressful jobs, some hunched over a keyboard for more long hours during the day.  We get stressed, we get tensed, and once in a while, it’s nice to get these knots kneaded out of our bodies.  For myself, massage therapy is super relaxing, and I like to meet up with a girlfriend for a spa date, every once in a while.

Usually I am rushing in at the last minutes, and super strung out to get to my relaxing session.  Kind of silly, isn’t it?  Even though I don’t do it all the time, I make a more conscious effort to get to these appointments early.  It really relaxes me and gives me a few minutes to wind down, and transition from the work day to a moment to relax.

Applying the  idea to all events.

I am also trying to apply this concept to other parts of my life.  Last week, I went to my volleyball game early, and got to chat with some teammates before the game.  It’s nice to not have to worry about letting people down, if my team doesn’t have enough people to start.

One of the guys commented on people cutting it too close to the game, “If you don’t have 10 minutes to spare, so that you can arrive early [for an event], then you probably haven’t gotten your priorities straight.”

Do you like arriving early?  And if you are one of the people who cut it too close, where are you spending your ten minutes?

6 Responses to “My Spa Secret”

  1. sunny Says:

    I cut it too close way too often. So yesterday when I was reading the day’s digest email from flylady where she lists the day’s morning and evening routines, I decided to follow her list…and the first item was to “get dressed – including hair and makeup” and I had so many distractions but tried to keep on task. I was able to move through the morning routine so quickly that I left for church 45 minutes earlier than I normally do and had much time for conversations with friends before the service started.

    It carried over today into arriving at work 15 minutes early instead of one minute late. Might be a challenge for awhile but it seems worth it to arrive early!

    (I arrive late for many reasons, one of them being that my mom loves to arrive at events 90 minutes to two hours early… so when we drive to an event together, she and I have to compromise on a time to leave. So when I don’t leave early, I tend to think “HA! I can leave when I want” but it does inconvenience others… so I’m learning my lesson!)

  2. eemusings Says:

    Cutting it late is usually due to missing the bus! Which is due to…probably, er, sleep. I love my bed! I love sleeping in. Every minute counts!

    That being said, my challenge this month is to get up an hour earlier Wed-Fri and get ahead on cooking, cleaning, exercise etc.

  3. Mogul Says:

    I had to catch up on your blog…loving the content. Im glad to be back to my fav blog. I missed aspiring minimalist blog…

  4. Sunny – Concentrating also helps me cut down on the time required to get things done. I am way too easily distracted!

    Eemusings – Hmmm.. Public transportation, I know what you mean. I was used to giving myself 1-2 hours to get to any destination. 😦

    Mogul – Thanks! *hugs*

  5. Victoria Says:

    Great article! That’s really the secret to being calm throughout the day…so much easier when you’re not rushed. I used to be late all the time…now I’m hooked on being a bit early (so I can “settle in”) and it’s become a way of life. That extra time has helped me numerous times when something came up unexpectedly as well. Thanks!

  6. Victoria – I am slowly getting into the habit and it is so less stressful!

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