Doing More


(My dining set – I got it second hand for $50! 🙂 )

I’m a dreamer and planner.  I am spontaneous and easy going, but when it comes to big things and serious decisions in my life, I like to do all my research and get all my facts straight prior to taking the plunge.  So, sometimes, things don’t get done.  Many times, I don’t get started.  Because I haven’t researched it all, yet.

What I’ve learned over the years, is that it is very hard to get ALL the research done and ALL the fact straight.  That’s what a Ph.D. is for, no? 😛  Just kidding!

What I mean to say is that, I’ve learned that I should research and dig up as many facts as I can.  And instead of taking a plunge, I should dip my toes in.  Continue learning, and continue to move forward.  Then, slowly work my way to the deep end.

I’ve been writing about my journey to a more minimalistic lifestyle, and yet I haven’t been doing that much.

Sure, I’ve cleaned our my washroom a few times, but what about that green eye shadow that I last used 2 years ago?  What about that bin of clothes that I was going to donate to Goodwill that’s remained in the same position since March?  What about the dining table set that I hardly ever use?  What about the empty boxes that only serve as decor to my tv stand?

Last night, I decided to do something instead of waiting for the perfect time and perfect plan.  I just executed.

I put up my dining table set and tv stand for sale on Craigslist.  Packed up my clothes and stuffed animals in bags to be donated.  Cleaned out my bathroom storage drawers.  Removed the books that I read and no longer want on my book shelf, to be donated to the library.  Packed up my PS2 that I haven’t played with since forever with games to be donated to Goodwill.

I will call this Minimization Phase I 🙂

Like Hasina wrote in her blog post, I stopped theorizing and started living my dream.

Next Phases to tackle in no particular order:

*Re-organize closet

*Re-paint walls white (it’s white now, but there are patches of paint missing everywhere!)

*Re-paint kitchen cabinets

*Hang photographs and mirror

*Install bookshelf

What are some of your recent projects?  Or any projects you are planning in the near future?

6 Responses to “Doing More”

  1. eemusings Says:

    Thanks for reminding me. My goal this month is to bake three new things, and I’ve also been wanting to do a wardrobe kind of show/tell/display, probably on the blog.

  2. Young Mogul Says:

    Good for you. Sadly, Ive fallen off with my decluttering efforts also and must get back on track.

  3. Jersey Mom Says:

    As for me, I clean, clear, and donate once every few months. It’s about that time again! Thanks for the reminder.

    However, at times I find it difficult to clear and throw away my kids’ art projects… like right now they’re making A LOT of “art” with play-doh. They’ll think I don’t care about their creations if I throw too much of it away.

  4. Hasina Says:

    I’m really touched to hear that I’ve indirectly inspired you 🙂 I would love to see pictures of the redecorating/redesigning process. (I’m really jealous of your bistro chairs.)

  5. Eemusings – That would cool! Can`t wait to see it!

    Young Mogul – Don`t worry, I`ve fallen of many times!

    Jersey Mom – That`s true. I was holding a gift that a friend had made for me, and it was difficult to get rid of because of sentimental value.

    Hasina – Thanks for the inspiration! I`m glad you like the chairs, they aren`t anything special, and not too comfortable 😛

  6. mode20100 Says:

    A+ would read again

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