Simple Joys: Mom’s Cooking


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Having spent most of this long weekend at my parents’ house has really made me appreciate the goodness of homemade cooking from my mom’s kitchen!

My mom grew up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and my dad was born in Saigon, Vietnam.   My mom is great cook and makes all kinds of Chinese dishes, and Southeast Asian dishes.  We were never allowed to be picky eaters growing up, and I don’t think there is a type of food that I won’t eat.  Having lived on my own for the last 7 years, nothing can compare to the yumminess of my mom’s food.

I don’t have one favourite dish, but I do have many favourites.  I love the Cambodia soup, making Vietnamese salad rolls, any stir fried collared greens, all curries, and all marinated meats.  And all congee.  🙂

What are your favourite foods from your childhood?  Or your favourite foods, today?

7 Responses to “Simple Joys: Mom’s Cooking”

  1. Jersey Mom Says:

    My mother is a great cook as well. She hardly cooks anymore since she lives by herself but gladly makes it for me and the boys when she comes to visit us. I still find it too complicated – but she makes it seem very easy to whip up these Chinese dishes.

  2. eemusings Says:

    The Malaysian curries my mother made. (Ok, I think there was only one.)

    Agar agar. (Like jelly only not so grossly wobbly).

  3. Kai Says:

    I used to think that all mums can cook. I was surprised when i found out that one of my friend´s mum was not 🙂 I love my mum´s cooking, but i`m glad i don´t get to eat it too often, couse it would make me fat 🙂 My mum cooks estonian food, wich is very different from your mum´s cooking though 🙂

  4. Jersey Mom – Same with my mom! It’s like she just looks in the fridge and poof – magic Chinese dishes. Where as I am slaving over the sink washing all those darned dirty collared greens! 😛

    Eemusings – Yummy. Malaysian curry sounds delish! My mom makes agar agar too. Coconut flavour is my favourite, and I like it when she makes it in two layers.

    Kai – I always thought that all moms cook, as well. All my friends’ moms were awesome cooks! I wonder what Estonian food is like…

  5. Hi there! I really like your blog and your aspirations towards simplicity, your love of the simple things in life, your lack of want for things and more…things. That really resonates with me. I am by no means a minimalist, but I love simple pleasures. I love thoughtful gestures and rare creations. I don’t like consumerism. I think we share a lot of the same ideals. Will be following your journey, happily!!!

  6. p.s. your mom’s cooking sounds absolutely delightful! what neat combinations: Chinese, Southeast Asian, curries, etc. YUM!

    So what would you consider to be your ethnicity?

  7. Creature Gorgeous – Thanks for stopping by, welcome! I recently discovered your blog, and I love it! 🙂

    That’s a good question. Even though my parents weren’t born in China, that’s where all my grandparents are from. Maybe Chinese-Vietnamese Canadian? :S

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