Batteries … and a new Plasma TV


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Yesterday, I was at work and ran out to grab some batteries at a local store for a project.

At the check out counter, I had an interesting conversation with the cashier.

Cashier:  Will that be all, miss?

me:  Yes.  Thanks.

Cashier:  Anything else I can interest you in?  A new plasma television, perhaps?  Or a new digital camera?

me: Pardon?

Cashier:  Maybe you would like a new cell phone?  It’s zero dollars.

me: No, thanks.  Just the batteries is fine.

I understand that these are sales people, and their job is to sell, sell, sell.  It’s how they make a living.

What I don’t understand is how they think that there is even a remote chance that I will go from buying a pair of batteries ($12.99) to a new plasma tv ($500+).  And I don’t understand how they can ask so casually – like I was adding fries to my lunch order.

You can bet your last dollar, that if I were to buy a plasma tv, I wouldn’t do it on the spot.  I would research and know all my specs before hitting the store.

Maybe I am over-analyzing a simple situation, where the cashier may have just been funny (?).  However, I think that as a society, we tend to make decisions that allows for this cashier’s question to not be out of this world.  We have become a society that looks for quick fixes, we buy now and pay later.

What happen to saving for a new television?  Plasma or not.

What are your thoughts on this situation?  How would you have handled this situation?

PS.  I know that many of my readers do not fall into this category and are quite financially savvy (one of the reasons why I love reading your blogs!), but this method of living is reality for a lot of people.

4 Responses to “Batteries … and a new Plasma TV”

  1. eemusings Says:

    LOL – that cracks me up. I’ve never come across an upsell like that – you’re right, it’s quite a jump from batteries to a phone or TV!

  2. SassyGirl Says:

    That is bizarre. What did he expect you to say? “Oh, sure I’ll have a plasma TV. What models do you have? Can you grab one for me?” I mean, that makes no sense, no one would add a purchase like that at the checkout counter.
    It would only make a tiny bit of sense if he was trying to inform you of a promotion or special sale, like “By the way, all plasma TVs and digital cameras are on sale this week.”
    Maybe he just got a brain fart and phrased it all wrong.

  3. shadowmoss Says:

    I’m thinking the cashier was required to upsell, and decided to just have fun with it.

  4. eemusings – It sure is! Way too many upsells…

    Sassy Girl – Yes, I wasn’t sure if he was serious, but he had a serious face when I looked up. :S

    shadowmoss – I guess so. That would make more sense, but I feel an upsell should be somewhat related to the purchase, or else, why would the consumer have a need for it?

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