Saving Detergent for my Company



I usually bring my lunch to work in glass tupperware containers, and I try to do my dishes right after lunch to avoid the caked on dried food, afterwards.

One day, as I was washing my dishes, a co-worker noted that I carefully squeezed out one drop of detergent into my container.  (I usually just swirl it with a bit of water and scrub down the sides with my fingers.)

“Why are you using so little detergent?” he asked me, “Are you trying to save money for the company?  There you go!”

He laughs and squirts a HUGE squirt of detergent into my container.

I know his intentions were meant well, he might have thought I was struggling with my drop of detergent to clean my container.  But the truth was, I specifically only wanted one drop of detergent.  I only needed that much, and no more.  In fact, I could probably use less than that amount.  And now, I have a super sudsy, bubbly mess in my bowl that didn’t make it any cleaner.  In fact, I needed to use more water to rinse it out.

The lesson I wanted to share was that, I try to use anyone’s stuff – no matter how small – as I use my own.  It doesn’t add any more quality to my life to use more detergent – whether I paid for it or not.  If we all used only as much as we needed – whether it be on big ticket items, or small dinky items – I think the world would be a place of a lot less waste.

What are your thoughts on this situation?  Or do you have any similar stories to share?

PS.  Happy Independance Day to my American readers!  🙂

7 Responses to “Saving Detergent for my Company”

  1. Young Mogul Says:

    VERY good point! I hate people who are only frugal with their own things, but use other’s things as if it’s a license to go crazy because they aren’t paying for it.

  2. Ooh, this is kind of a pet peeve of mine. I agree with your mentality. I’m a little irked that you coworker did that…seems so juvenile! Like you, I treat others’ stuff and $ similar to how I treat my own. Whenever we are out of town on business, some of my coworkers spend wastefully on the company card, racking up charges “just because they can.” They never understand why I get upset!

  3. Young Mogul – Agreed!

    Petite Asian Girl – wasn’t sure how to react to that. So I just told him thanks, but I didn’t need anymore. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t go on many business trips or get a company card at my company! 😛

  4. Jersey Mom Says:

    I do like your way of thinking. I’ve seen people who trash their rented apartment/house (i.e. don’t clean urine off the carpet) because the place is not their own.

  5. SassyGirl Says:

    My reaction to your coworker was “What a douche!” I mean, it was kind of uncalled for. Did he think he was making your life better by giving you permission to use more detergent?

    I always use a small drop of detergent because it’s all that’s needed. I’m all about efficiency, and it actually physically hurts me when I see people squirting detergent into/onto every item they wash. Because they could probably just squirt 1/10 of that onto the sponge and use the sponge to clean all their items. *sigh*

  6. Jersey Mom – Ewww, that’s terrible.

    Sassy Girl – Yes, it was uncalled for. I was taken aback, and was speechless. It is crazy how much we, as a society, often overuse so many things just because we can.

  7. Dmarie Says:

    beautifully stated! though I only recently discovered your blog, it’s posts like this that made me wish you posted more often! enjoying reading through your archives. thanks

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