One of my favourite summer activities is camping.

It was something that I grew up in the later parts of my child hood, and I still enjoy it today.  When I was little, my family and my aunts family would pile up into two minivans, pack some tents, food, camping essentials, and we’d be off to a campsite.  Mind you, we stayed at those camping sites with service centres – so it was no hard core camping by any means.  But we had a fireplace and could roast marshmellows and gather dried foliage which was enough for me, my sisters and my cousins.

My mom always spoiled us by making camping versions of our favourite meals 🙂

Now, as I’ve gotten older, camping trips have evolved to something that I do with friends instead of family.  Last year, BF and I went with a group of his friends on two camping trips.  These camping trips were much more hard core than anything I had done before.

No shower.  Four days.  Enough said.

We also did some portaging – which means to carry our canoes overhead when we need to traverse in very narrow/shallow/crazy rapids until we reach a spot where we can use our canoes, again.  We also needed to bring purifiers for water.

One of the things that I enjoy most about camping is the feeling of leaving the city behind and embracing nature.  I like listening to the different sounds and seeing the different sights that I don’t get to experience in the city.  There is just something so serene and beautiful to look out at a lake or river and to just see it meander into the horizon.  It’s a little reminder of how delicate the balance of nature is. Which, I admit, I do forget at times, when I am living in the urban jungle.

In the city, I throw my garbage into the disposal.  Out of sight, out of mind.  When we are camping in the woods, we need to be much more mindful of what we bring, and what we get rid of.  Everything that we bring, must either be eaten, used, burned or kept.

When I didn’t have a garbage container to put my stuff, it was a lot easier to see how wasteful and garbage producing our society is.  Even more the reason to be a conscious consumer and to pay closer attention to products with minimal packaging.

What are your favourite summer activities?  Any thoughts on camping?

6 Responses to “Camping”

  1. eemusings Says:

    I’ll pass on camping. Give me running water and clean sheets any day – luxury!

    I’m happy to “rough it” for a couple of days with friends, as long as it’s clean and there’s somewhere I can shower and somewhere we can cook.

  2. Jersey Mom Says:

    I have a tent & camping supplies but still have not gone camping yet. It does sound like fun & many people have told me so; I’m sure my kids would enjoy it. I just have to make that first step to plan something…

  3. Annie Says:

    The kid and I love to camp! We load our sleeping bags in the van and just head out! Sometimes we just end up sleeping in the van, and other times we find a spot in the woods somewhere quiet at a park near here…

    We don’t really take much and while I enjoy them I really miss my computer when I’m gone. Guess I”m getting too civilized in my old age 🙂

  4. eemusimungs – You think like my dad when it comes to camping. Why put yourself through grossness and discomfort? 😉

    Jersey Mom – I’m sure your kids would LOVE it, cuz I did as a kid. You don’t have to go anywhere far to get started 🙂

    Annie – I missed my computer, too! But it’s also nice to just enjoy the moment, as well.

  5. Leo Says:

    I love the idea of camping and sitting around a fire too, but I am afraid of bugs. The thought of bugs creeping up in my sleeping bag or in my tent grosses me out. I do enjoy day hiking though. I am a frequent visitor of great falls park in Virginia.

    Back in 2002, right after I finished college, me, my sister, and 5 friends went to Outer banks (kitty hawk) NC. We went with a group of 30 some people. I think the name was “The Chinese Professional club”.
    The beach house stay price was reasonable $150 per person for 4 days and 3 nites. Coffee/breakfast was included.

    The CPC club rented 3 beach houses to house 40 some people. Me, my sis, and 5 friends stayed together most of the time. We also met new people.

    One evening we build a fire on the beach, we cooked marsh mellow, played with fire works, I had the best time of my life! I think it was a very nice experience.

    If I camp, I prefer to camp on the beach, not in the woods. The woods gives me the creeps though. I am chicken 😉

  6. Leo – The bugs can be tolerable depending on the time of year you go and where you go. They are definitely a “con” of camping. Marshmellows and a fireplace – those would be the highlights of my camping trips! 🙂

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