Simple Joys: Dessert



Growing up, dessert was never part of regular meals.  At home, we would have rice with dishes of veggies and meat, and then end off the meal with a bowl of soup.

I only discovered desserts later in my years when I’d go out with friends for dinner.  Alas, my tummy was already used to not eating desserts and was often too full after a meal to enjoy it.

I am learning to control my proportions (restaurant sizes are always way too huge) by either sharing, or just ordering an appetizer, so that I will have sufficient room left for dessert.  This does not always happen, but when it does, it is a very happy moment.

I also only like a couple bites of dessert.  I really wish that restaurants would have bite sized desserts because that would be perfect for me.  I only have a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Do you get to enjoy dessert at the end of your meals?  What are you favourite desserts?

4 Responses to “Simple Joys: Dessert”

  1. We never had dessert growing up either (and still not now, really) so I do enjoy a few spoonfuls of decadency at the end of a good meal. I love how PF Changs (not my fave restaurant tho…esp. not for Chinese food!) offers “test tubes” full of desserts. The portion is just right for me and they usually have 6+ choices.

  2. Young Mogul Says:

    You know, this is the first time I’ve really thought about it but, I usually don’t order dessert when I eat out. I guess I just never think about eating it after a big meal. But, like you, I’m sure I would only be able to eat a few bites.

  3. eemusings Says:

    Really? I find the opposite; I usually find myself still wanting after a restaurant meal. That being said, I don’t tend to go to high class restaurants. I’m talking more like pub-style meals.

    For restaurants, we tend to go to cheerful, delicious ethnic places – the kind where you get rice and vaarious dishes and gorge. In that case, yeah, I’ll come away full!

    Also, I’m pretty simple when it comes to my sweet tooth. I don’t like the fancy desserts most restaurants serve.

    Growing up, we usually had tiny bowls of ice cream with just a few spoonfuls of ice cream. Now, BF and I (although mostly him) will polish off a two litre tub in the smaller part of a week. That boy has no sense of portion control.

  4. Petite Asian Girl – Test tubes of desserts would be just PERFECT! 🙂

    Young Mogul – I really wish they would sell bites of dessert!

    Eemusings – I would go for ice cream, any day. Though, I won’t be able to polish off no where near a tub. Just a couple bites would be perfect 🙂

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