Cherishing our Possessions



I think that cherishing and maintaining my possessions is another important part of my minimalistic journey.

This was one of the first lessons I learned from my parents.  It doesn’t matter if the thing is something as small as a t-shirt or as big and expensive as a television.  We were taught to take care of our belongings.

In today’s “disposable” society, we aren’t encouraged to use, re-use and preserve.  We are encouraged to buy, buy, buy – being bombarded with advertisements of how every new gadget is designed to improve our life (Umm, have you seen that “Slap Chop” commercial?!).

If we took better care of our belongings, we probably don’t need to buy as many new things to replenish or replace what we have.

This father’s day, my sisters and I bought our dad a new Sharp LCD 32″ television because our existing televisions was sputtering at the end of its service life.  My dad first bought that television in 1999.  The television I have in my apartment must be from 1995, and it still works great.  Little things, such as cleaning it, not spilling things on it, moving carefully – they all add to the longevity of your possessions.

When we take care of our possessions and put effort into maintaining and prolonging its service life, we can buy less.  We use less resources, and can save our money for things and experiences that really matter and add quality to our lives.

What do you think?  What are some examples of your possessions that you put effort into maintaining?

5 Responses to “Cherishing our Possessions”

  1. Heather Says:

    My vehicle…as this is my first new Jeep EVER and I love it!!! Really, anything I buy I try to really take care of it. I grew up dirt poor and never had much. My Barbies were so pristine that people thought I didn’t play with them. : )

    I am trying to be more conscious of not just buying throw away items…those items that are designed to last only a few months or a season. It’s tough sometimes because I feel like I am overthinking a purchase that I need but in the end, it makes sense.

  2. Young Mogul Says:

    I have definitely maintained my car. I drive a 2001 Chevy Malibu. I will not be getting a new car until I can pay cash.

  3. Heather – Sometimes, I feel like I overthink my purchases, too. It may be because I used to not think about my purchases so much.

    Young Mogul – It seems that a car is a pretty precious item. I, too, try to take good care of my car, as well. Oil changes, winter tires, and I do at least one big interior vacuum cleaning a year.

  4. Jersey Mom Says:

    Yes, the house and car both need constant attention and maintenance. Both can last a long long time if it’s well taken care of.

    I agree with you regarding use and reuse things we own. We have one TV in the house that we purchased many years ago and plan on using until it breaks down.

  5. Annie Says:

    When I was a kid you bought something once and that was it. You learned the hard way to take care of stuff!

    My van is a 1999 Ford. I paid $500 cash for it cause the transmission was out. Replaced the transmission to end up with a van that cost me $2,000 taxes, transfer, insurance, repairs and all–and this with a rebuilt transmission complete with warranty! That was several years ago and I will drive it until the wheels fall off.. just like I did the 1989 Oldsmobile that came before it, and the old Chrysler before that.

    I update computers more frequently than anything cause I work on them professionally and have to keep somewhat up-to-date with the operating systems. That said, this laptop was purchased because I spilled tea on my old laptop .. which is still going strong after repairs for my kid. The laptop before that.. was built for Windows 95 and I kept it alive with linux until it literally died. We actually held a funeral for that poor thing lol!

    I don’t own a tv anymore, but the one we finally gave away last year was bought in 1988 and was still going strong.

    I still use an old floppy camera for pictures and a Lifedrive PDA for a music player, movie player, book reader and whatnot. If it works why fix (or change) it?

    My coffee table was bought used by my folks when I was a baby and I still have some of their plates and bowls too.

    Most of my other big ticket stuff is gone. Didn’t need it. Trying to pare down the rest now but I try to take care of the important stuff 🙂

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