Weekend with AM: Convocation



This weekend was a very special weekend in my household.   My little sister convocated!

I took a half day at work, and rushed home to meet with my parents and make the drive up to Waterloo together.  This would be the 7th year that my dad has made the drive up to Waterloo.

Even though, my entire familywas proud of my little (middle) sister, I knew that the most proudest were my parents.  (My dad later confessed that he was so happy that night that he only slept for 2 hours!)  Even though, it is very common for most young adults to pursue post secondary education nowadays, my sisters and cousins and I are still the first generation in our family to attend post secondary school.

Most of my family – including my parents – came to Canada with very little.   Over the years, they were able to save and work to build a better life.  My parents have no debts, and have even socked away money for retirement in a few years.

Milestones are an especially emotional time, and this one is no different.  Even though it was my sister who walked across the stage to receive her degree – and I know that she worked really, really hard these past 4 years – I feel like she represents our entire family when she crossed that stage.

She is a grown up, young lady.  She is smart, sophisticated, beautiful and strong.  She represented my mother’s never ending patience and nurturing nature.  She represented my father’s strength and loyalty.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

4 Responses to “Weekend with AM: Convocation”

  1. Young Mogul Says:

    Graduations are always proud occassions for families. Congrats to your sister.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I just figured out where you aer from…:) So close…

  3. Hasina Says:

    Ah so you’re from the KW region? I lived in Waterloo 10 years ago! Small world.

  4. Young Mogul – Thanks!

    Shannon – 🙂

    Hasina – It is such a small world! 🙂

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