Left Overs



I am a huge fan of eating left overs, and I think it’s an important part of my journey to a more minimalistic life style.

I’ve thrived on left overs since my college days.  Even now, I usually cook in a Sunday afternoon, and eat left overs for half the week, and cook again on Wednesday evening to tie me over until the end of the week.

I got so efficient at my cooking, that I was able to cook only ONCE a week, and eat my meals for most of the week.  On the odd night I didn’t have enough food, I’d make a quick egg sandwich or put on some instant noodles with veggies. 🙂  I got tired of this after about a year and half, and now I cook twice a week.

Eating left overs creates less waste

I was brought up to always finish the last grain of rice in my bowl.  My parents never failed to remind myself and my sisters that there are many people in the world who are starving, and when we live in such a lucky country where we can have so many food – we better not waste it.

My mom believed in karma – that if we throw away food, there will be a day where we would know what it’s like to starve.

Left overs save money

By eating or transforming my left overs, I can buy less food!

I can count on one hand the amount of times, I was caught off guard and had to head down to the cafeteria for a mediocre and over priced sandwiche.  Those were tough times, shelling out $5 on a sandwiche which would have cost me maybe $1 to make – and I have better sauces and ingredients!

Left overs from restaurants

As many of us know, restaurant sizes can be huge proportions.  By setting aside half the dish for take away, we can also have a more enjoyable meal without stuffing ourselves silly, and enjoy the same food for another meal.

Thoughts with left overs

I know of some families who refuse to eat left overs, saying that it isn’t fresh the next day.  I think they is true for some foods, such as deep fried foods, but not true for all.  Some left over may be best reheated in the microwave, and some on the stove top.  If re-heated correctly, left overs can still taste great.  Not to mention the time it saves from making a new meal.

My favourite left over dish


Fried rice.  You can toss almost anything in them, and it tastes better with rice that was cooked a day before.  Toss in pine apples, peas, your favourite sauce, fresh or preserved veggies and meats.  The options are endless 🙂

What are your thoughts on left overs?  What are some of your favourite left over recipes / dishes?

7 Responses to “Left Overs”

  1. My parents have the same philosophy. My parents often tell me that a single grain of rice takes months to be grown and harvested, so we eat every single one to be grateful for the farmers who toiled so that we can eat that single grain of rice. I do the same thing to my daughters. That picture of fried rice looks yummy!

  2. Daisy Says:

    I love leftovers! Certain foods taste even better the next day: pizza, pasta dishes, salmon patties. Yumm.

    I have been succombing to the quick lunch out lately instead of cooking more. I like your idea of cooking twice a week. It’s Sunday! Must begin cooking 🙂

  3. Jersey Mom Says:

    I used to not eat leftovers at all. Like some people, I thought the food goes bad by the next day. However, since becoming more frugal, I’ve learned that (you’re right) most leftovers aren’t bad. I’m usually the one who eats leftovers for lunch on the next day. Right now, my limit is 3 days. If it’s been in the refrigerator for more than that (which doesn’t happen often), I do get rid of it.

  4. Young Mogul Says:

    Some food actually taste better the second day after the seasonings have had time to marinate just right overnight.

  5. eemusings Says:

    Same here – definitely fried rice! Also omelettes and fritatas.

  6. Miss Guimba – It’s a true and good lesson. Thanks for sharing!

    Daisy – Salmon patties. I have never tried them!

    Jersey Mom – I think 3 days is a good limit, too. Eating food that has been left for too long is no good either.

    Young Mogul – I love marinating things. Like ribs…

    eemusings – Fritatas, good idea! 🙂

  7. Annie Says:

    I love fried rice! I eat a lot of that and stir fry.

    I don’t mind leftovers but the kid hates them with a passion. I find it easier to try to cook simple meals with little to no leftovers as a result – this way we get variety and I don’t have to worry about getting stuck being the only one eating on a big bowl of whatever!

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