Travel: Los Roques, Venezuela (Part I)


My journey started on Wednesday afternoon when I left work at 3:15pm to catch the local bus to take me to the airport. I despise spending the cab $50 fare – so I gave myself lots of time for travel and security to catch my flight at 7:00pm.

My flight arrived at Simon Bolivar International Airport (about an hour north of Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas) at approximately 1:30am early Thursday morning and BF was there to greet me when I stepped out the gates. It was so nice to see him again!

BF arrived the evening of Wednesday, and found a hotel close to the airport, since we would be flying out to Los Roques national park in the archipelagos Thursday afternoon. We planned to spend most of our time at the islands, as we have heard the city may not be very safe.

We arrived at our beautiful island Thursday afternoon.


We booked our accommodations at a bed and breakfast (called a posada), Posada Movida, which was on the main island, Peublo del Gran Roque. Our room was a quaint and cozy – with an air conditioning unit, a small bathroom, and no television (!). The “furniture” at our posada was very cool, since the head board, bed and night tables were “cast-in-place”.

The food we had was amazing. Amazing.

There were 3 other couples who were staying at the same time, and we ate dinner at together “family style” at a large dining table. We had fresh fish every night, salad, veggies or a pasta, dessert, and wine. It was heavenly. I didn’t want to snap too many pictures and ruin the cozy ambiance, so I restrained myself the first two nights, but on our last night, I told BF that I simply had to take some pictures of the great food!

We woke up well rested the next morning, and ready to start our adventure. Today, we would be taking a speed boat to see the star fish, and then we would be dropped off at one of the islands, Cayo Crasqui. Little did we know that we would be left with a beach umbrella, two chairs, and a cooler with food and drinks and be picked up at the end of the day. (I told BF this was like daycare for adults!)

We took a speed boat out to the island. The water was just so turquoise and clear. I look in the water, and I can see schools of fish swimming around. We stopped where there were many starfish, and we got off the boat to take a closer look with our snorkeling gear. They were beautiful and they were every where – big ones, small ones. I was careful not to touch them.

When we got to Crasqui island, we prepared for a long day ahead of relaxation ;). We also met a dog friend, who became our friend because our umbrella was the first one to be set up, and he wanted shade. BF and I read our respective books, and then I read to him about Hilary Rodham Clinton. We also went into the water for a bit and saw all sorts of fishes! We didn’t even have to go very far from the shore.

It was really hot and the sun was super strong. We stayed under the umbrella and did not venture out to explore. It was way. too. hot. We didn’t have a watch, and were really anticipating our trip back to the posada for shelter and food! We joked that we’re really paying for the boat ride back to the main island – imagine being stuck on an island out in the middle of the ocean. It would be like “Lost”.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures (and misadventures) in Part II 🙂

4 Responses to “Travel: Los Roques, Venezuela (Part I)”

  1. Young Mogul Says:

    Seems like you had lots of fun. I am in desperate need of a vacation.

  2. Jersey Mom Says:

    Sounds lovely!!! The sun-shaped head board is very cute. The Food looks delicious & the beach is beautiful!

  3. Miss Guimba Says:

    Lol on daycare for adults. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures in Venezuela. That food is heavenly! Good thing you took some pictures!

  4. Young Mogul – I hope you get to take one soon!

    Jersey Mom – I loved the sun shaped head board. We actually took a really great picture of it, but I forgot to condense it for the blog.

    Miss Guimba – Agreed. Food there was heaven :). I’m glad I was able to convey that through my pictures.

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