My Half Marathon :)



I ran my half marathon on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 starting at 7:30am.  I ran in the Mississauga Marathon with my sister 🙂

All in all, it was a great experience.

Let’s start with my thoughts from training, shall we?

The Beginning of my Training Thoughts

Training for a half marathon is hard work.  When I first started training in February, it was so hard to get up in the morning at 5:45 am to get to the gym at 6:00am and run at 6:15am.  Very, very difficult.  It was so dark out!

When I first started running, I was working at running 10 minutes without taking a break on the treadmill.  After a few runs, I realized that I was running way too hard, and I needed to slow my pace down.  I didn’t even know that I had a “happy” pace!  Once, I found my happy pace (approximately 5 mph), I was able to run longer and take shorter breaks.  I remember the first day that I could go on a 1 hour run, and not need to take a single break.  Such a triumph 🙂

Treadmill Training

When I first started training, I ran on the treadmill.  I think it’s a great place to start.

You can pick your own pace because sometimes you don’t know what pace you’re running at when running outdoors.

You can stop to rest whenever you need a rest, and rest for as long as you need to.

Outdoor Training

When the weather got warmer, I started running outdoors.  Little did I know that running outdoors is much harder than running on a treadmill.

You need to remember that no matter how far you run, you always have to run back!

You can rest, but if the weather is cold outside, your body also starts to cool down very quickly, and you need to keep running to stay warm.

You encounter hills, slippery surfaces, rodents, cars, bicycles and many other obstacles when running outside.  Always be mindful of your surroundings and make eye contact with drivers, cyclists, etc., before crossing the roads.

Race Day


The night before race day, I laid out all that I needed the next day: running gear, hat, iPod, shoes, gel packs.

I was too excited and nervous that I didn’t sleep that well.  I woke up to all sorts of little noise that I never noticed before.

But at 4:15 am, my sister and I were up!  We changed, ate breakfast, and were on our way at 5:00am.

We parked at the finish line area, and caught the shuttle bus to the start line.

At 7:30am, we were off!

The Race

The trail was beautiful!  There were a bit of hills, but only one big hill.  There were beautiful mansions that I passed by in awe on Mississauga Road.

I took on a slower pace than usual, since I knew I needed to go longer than my usual runs.

I walked and got a drink at the aide stations- every 2 km.  Nothing more refreshing than water on a sunny day out running!

My first break  was at the 10km mark.  I felt quite good and energized!  I also took a gel pack to give me a boost of energy.  At 16km, was my second break, I still felt good, but I also started to feel tired.  At 18km, my body was telling me to stop and I started to walk more, and take more breaks.

At 19km, a fellow funner encouraged me to keep going since I was almost there.  I picked my tired legs off the ground, and ran the rest of the way.  The last 100m were the hardest!  My knees were really hurting me, and I could just see that I was so close, but not there yet.  People cheering and chanting really made a difference, and I finished as strong as I could.

My legs and knees were burning after.  It was then that I realized I hadn’t trained enough for my half, but it also felt so good to be done.

2 hours and 35 minutes 🙂

21.1km or 13 miles

What are some of your experiences in training or preparing for a big “event” in your life?

7 Responses to “My Half Marathon :)”

  1. A huge congrats! I’m very impressed that you were able to train persistently and complete your goal. I can hardly run 1 mile without gasping for air. Each year I watch the Boston marathon and it blows me away how men and women of all ages (and from all walks of life) can train to do something like that.

  2. Young Mogul Says:

    I have never trained for anything. I just started running on Memorial Day–and I love it!

    The thing that scares me about training for a marathon is not the pain/dedication, but the weight loss. I am already thin, and aside from 10 or 12 vanity pounds, I don’t need to lose any weight.

    I know I could just eat more, but that would quickly become a chore trying to force myself to eat more to keep my weight stable.

    How long did you train before the marathon and how much weight did you lose? I know most women will think I’m crazy–worrying about losing TOO much weight–but I just don’t want to look sick or gaunt.

  3. Viktoria Says:

    Congratulations! Having achieved something like that takes strength and dedication and I´m sure you will benefit from the experience in everything else you do in life.

    Young Mogul – I don´t think you need to worry. If you train hard, you gain a lot of muscle, and your appetite will make sure you get enough food, just make sure what you eat that has lots of nutrition!

  4. Jersey Mom Says:

    You sure put a lot of thought and work into it. Very impressive! I’m looking forward to running again in the fall. =) Will you be doing it again next year?

  5. @PAG:
    I could barely run 5 minutes without taking a break when I first started! I got a lot of encouragement and guidance from my coach (aka my manager) and he helped me to set a schedule so that I could get my endurance up.

    It was definitely a humbling experience running beside so many different women and men. Their determination to run, no matter their circumstances, was something I admired in all the runners.

    @Young Mogul:
    That’s a very good point. When training for a marathon, the first thing I learned was that I would be hungry. All. The. Time. (At first it was awesome, but I kinda got tired of never really feeling “full”).

    I agree with Viktoria. Especially when training, you must fuel your body, and make sure that you’re eating enough carbs, proteins, veggies, etc., so that you won’t hurt yourself, and prevent too drastic weight loss. And don’t forget that muscles will weigh more than non-muscles 🙂

    I think I may have lost about 5lbs, and a bit of my waistline (pants that were tight are now loose), but nothing too drastic.

    Thanks 🙂 It was definitely a lot of hard work, but well worth it.

    @Jersey Mom:
    Thanks! I haven’t decided, yet.

    Even though I enjoyed the experience, I don’t really find running long distances too enjoyable. 10km – 15km is a good distance for me, so I may train for those distances. Running is also quite hard on my knees, and I really felt the toll on my body 😛

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