At a Moment’s Notice: Venezuela


BF is currently in Brasil for a project, now.

I am off to visit him.  We are meeting in the middle – in Venezuela for a mini getaway for a four-day and four-night trip.  Did I mention that we both love to travel 😉

Our original plan was to meet up in Rio and tour the beautiful city and enjoy the beaches.  Alas, we both forgot about the visitor’s visa required to enter Brasil and scoped around for some alternate destinations.  Venezuela offered 5 – 6 hour direct flights for both of us, and we decided to head over there.

This was trip was planning last minute (i.e., just over a week to leave), and I am super excited.

My colleagues commented that it was so cosmopolitan to meet my lover at an exotic destination ;), and I guess it is true.  I’m just happy to see BF, again, and spend some time together.  Not that I’m complaining about such a cool trip, either.

I was going to share the contents of my luggage, but of course, there is no time, so I’ll just have to show you when I get back.

I packed two dresses for evening, and one dress for beach/casual wear.  I packed 1 pair of shorts, and 1 set of pajamas. brought 1 top, 2 bikini tops, 1 bikini bottom, and a one piece.  Make up/ toiletries, camera, cell phone, iPod and a book.  I am reading “Hilary Rodham Clinton Living History.”

See you all when I come back!


11 Responses to “At a Moment’s Notice: Venezuela”

  1. That is so cool! Currently BF is away in Central America and I would love to just hop on a plane to go visit him. But I don’t have any more vacation days left, so I guess I’ll just do the “Waiting” dance! Have fun and tell us all about it when you get back.

  2. have a great time! I adore your packing list since I’m an overpacker. Hope the trip is sooo fun.

  3. Have fun! And I’ve read Hillary’s book, also.

  4. Young Mogul Says:

    Have fun! And, I’ve read Hillary’s book also.

  5. Jersey Mom Says:

    Have a great time!! Post up some pictures when you get back.

  6. How exciting!! I dream of “last minute” vacations but can rarely take off time at work. I would love, love to visit South America. Have fun, and I hope to see photos upon your return!

    PS – gaah, I always lose track of my non-blogger readings because I’m technologically incompetent with feeds. Apparently I never got any updates from your posts in google reader, but I have just successfully added this to my blogger dashboard, cross fingers : )

  7. Jenn Says:

    Nothing like a spur-of-the-moment romantic rendezvous! Have an amazing time!   🙂

  8. @Investing Newbie:
    I know the “waiting dance” all too well. Hopefully it won’t be too long until you guys meet again! 🙂

    @[the other] sunny:
    Thanks. I still over packed this time 😛

    @Tamyra Jackson:
    It’s a great read so far! She’s an engaging writer. How did you like her biography?

    @Young Mogul:
    Thanks! How did you like her book?

    I usually dream of them, too. This is the first time it’s come to life 🙂
    *cross my fingers*

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  9. eemusings Says:

    I’ve never really had much desire to visit that corner of the globe, except maybe to see the amazing wildlife (ok, giant tortoises) on the Galapagos. Have a great trip!!

  10. I cannot believe that this can be true

  11. eemusings – The Galapagos are beautiful, and I would love to visit it someday, as well. 🙂

    Weihnachtsmann Koln – Sometimes, I have a hard time believing it, as well. 😉

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