Travel: Vancouver


I went to visit the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia earlier this year.

My sister was working there, and I thought it would be a great time to visit, as well as catch a glimpse of the Olympics!  Before this trip, I have been to this lovely city in the winter of 2008 for a job interview.

I fell in love with this city.

I fell in love with the mountains.

I fell in love with the huge park within the city (Stanely Park).

I fell in love with the hiking trails (Cleveland Dam).

I fell in love with the food.

I fell in love with the fresh (and cheap) sushi.

I fell in love with mild weather.

This time around in Vancouver, I wanted to enjoy it like a local.  Instead of hitting the tourist spots, I sauntered through my days in the city.

Eating a little.  Perusing museums a little.  Eating some more.  Walking a lot.  Ducking into coffee shops and reading a bit.  Grabbing a snack.  (There is a theme here ;)).

Observing the city on its final countdown towards the Olympics was really neat.  Vancouver seemed like such a sleepy, lassez faire and relaxing city.  Then it just filled up with people – in a matter of days.  It seemed like the city just woke up to embrace – well, the entire world.

The entire time I was there, I only took one photo of myself 🙂


Have you visited Vancouver?  Have you visited a city that you fell in love with?  What are you favourite things to take pictures of?

6 Responses to “Travel: Vancouver”

  1. Young Mogul Says:

    Oh, I wish! I have wanted to visit Vancouver since the Olympic Games and I saw a profile of the city on the Today Show. I have even researched plan tickets and hotels. The trip will have to wait, though.

    One downside I saw, however, is that home prices are beyond outrageous there. Also, I am from the southern states of the USA, so what does Vancouver consider mild temperatures?

    • Yes, housing costs are outrageous in Vancouver. Comparing its cost of living to the average salary, it’s unbelievable how much people pay to live there.

      That being said, I still love the city 🙂 I hope you visit, sometime.

  2. Jersey Mom Says:

    Your pictures make me hungry!
    No, I’ve never been to Vancouver but have visited many major cities. New York City is still my favorite!

    • I love New York City, as well. In a different way than I love Vancouver.

      When I lived in Boston, my girl friends and I made frequent trips to NYC and always had a blast 🙂

  3. Hasina Says:

    Aaaaaaaaah! I want to move to Vancouver but a) housing costs are outrageous like you said (I think about 70% of people’s income goes towards housing costs which is crazy) and b) I’d be too far from my family (France).

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