My Hair Story


I was inspired to write this post, after reading Investing Newbie’s own hair story.

My hair story is not nearly as dramatic or exciting as her’s, but here it is.

As a toddler, both my parents worked, and my dad was often the one to bathe me.  So after every bath, he would also comb my hair (I had a lot of hair!), to a similar style of his own.  His style kind of looked like what Andy Lau has below.  Imagine my hair styled as such, and wearing the boy clothing hand me downs.  I was a really cute little boy.


When I was about 3 years old, my mom was the one who styled my hair.  I had long hair and it was usually in pigtails or two braids.  She told me that she used to have to chase me down to comb out tangles in my hair after my bath, and tie them up so I didn’t get stuff stuck in it.

When I was about 4 years old, my best friend (at the time) got her hair cut to chin length.  Of course, I had to copy her, and my dad helped me chop off my tresses and I was left with the bowl cut.  I’m sure a lot of Asian kids are very familiar with this cut.


After my parents had my two sisters, we all got this bowl cut from my dad.  My mom made up a rule that we couldn’t grow our hair until we were 10 years old.  (I think this was because she would not have enough energy to chase my 2 sisters and I down to comb our hair and tie it up).  And so, I had the bowl haircut right until I turned 10.  After that, I grew my hair for as long as it would grow.  After all, I had to make up for lost time, right? 😉

My hair grew almost past my back by the time I was in grade 6.  I started trimming my hair to be about mid back length in grade 7 – 8.

My hair is super straight, fine and I had a lot of it.  I tried a few times to braid my hair before going to sleep when it was wet so that it would be “curly” the next day.  No matter how much product I put in it, by noon, my hair was straight again.

In high school and the first few years of university, my hair length got a little shorter, and varied between shoulder length to mid back.  A friend of mine helped me put highlights in it, and I dyed my hair once.  Dyeing my hair was probably the most damaging thing I had done to my hair, ever.  This was terrible for my hair, and completely dried my hair.  At the worst of it, the ends of my hair reminded me of straw!

I moved to Boston for an internship, and that was when I took the bob plunge.  I wasn’t going into the salon wanting a bob, but I gave them free reins with my hair.  They gave me a really chic bob and I loved it.  It completely suited my hair, and my hair always fell in the most perfect way that I never had to style it.  (Yay for laziness!)


After that my hair has always been about shoulder length or shorter.  I have a stylist I’ve been seeing for the past two years, and his cuts are amazing.  They usually last me about 3 – 4 months, and grow out nicely.  I love that he can cut my hair so that I can spend zero time on styling my hair in the morning without looking like I just rolled out of bed.

After being in my hair relationship for the 26 years of my life, I have come to terms with my hair.  I have accepted that my hair will always be straight and thin.  I will never have curls and waves, and I’m OK with that.  (But if I really want them, I can get it styled for the day.)

I prefer to have my hair cut at a medium – short length.  I like to air dry my hair, and I do not use any styling products.  I still shampoo my hair everyday, even though I have tried to stop.  I also make an apple cider vinegar with lavender oil rinse that I use once a week  to make sure my hair stays nice and shiny.  My goals is  to put minimal stuff in my hair.

This is how I had my hair last year, and I just got it cut in a similar style.

Current annual cost to maintain my hair:

Haircut $70 (including tip) x 3 – 4 = $210 – 280
Shampoo $6.99 x 2 (plus tax) = $15.79
Apple cider vinegar and lavender rinse = $6 ish

What’s your hair story?  Feel free to leave a comment or write a post and link back!

14 Responses to “My Hair Story”

  1. Great hair story and in some point I can relate with you. Not because I am an Asian girl but it does happen in so many cases and in different races. 😉

  2. Young Mogul Says:

    Well, I’m African American, or like I like to call myself, plain ole’ black. So, haircare can be costly and time consuming. I am just now learning what works for my hair.

  3. Jersey Mom Says:

    I enjoyed reading your hair story. =) My grandmother shaved my older sister’s hair when she was a year old – some tradition that believes the hair will grow nice and thick if it’s shaved… my mother came home one day and nearly passed out after she found out what grandmother did. She refused to let her shave my head when after I was born.

    Anyway, I’ve tried but never mastered blow drying & styling my hair. So I gave up. At times I have very long straight hair, which I tie up in a bun or pony tail. At times (like now) I have very short hair that I needn’t do anything to. I’m just lazy when it comes to hair.

  4. Aww, I’m glad I inspired you to write a HairStory. I love the cut you have now; it is extremely flattering. I’m glad that after 26 years, you are comfortable with what you have. I think I’m more accepting of my hair now more than ever, but still sometimes wish it wasn’t such a hassle.

  5. @Young Mogul:
    Haircare can be such a pinch on the wallet!

    @Jersey Mom:
    I know that my cousin shaved her hair when she was little, but my parents never did that to myself and my sisters. I, too, am super lazy when it comes to doing things to my hair.

    I still do not know how to properly use a curling iron. It boggles my mind how people can curl the hair at the back of their head! 🙂

    @Investing Newbie:
    Awww, thanks 🙂

  6. Shannon Says:

    OOh you are so lucky to have easy to manage hair. Isn’t it funny how it takes us till we are in our 20’s to just accept our hair and love it.

  7. eemusings Says:

    Ahh yes the bowl cut! 😀

    I too used to plait my hair and night and hope for a curling miracle to wake up to. I’ve come to embrace and love the straight hair, though.

    Also, I discovered the bob a couple of years ago and haven’t strayed from it since. it suits my face and my lifestyle needs perfectly.

    • Did you have a bowl cut, too? *high five*

      I love the bob, except now I have a slightly altered bob that my stylist gave me since my hair tends to flip out at the shoulders and I hate spending time to style it in the morning. I’m lazy like that 🙂

  8. Viktoria Says:

    I so can relate to being lazy about hair! Mine is straight and because of sensitive skin I can use no product and I must be careful even with schampoos. So I keep it in a bun so I won´t have to wash it more than twice a week.

    For years I thought of this as “no style” but lately I have begun to make it my style and choose earrings and clothes around it. It´s about self acceptance, I suppose.

  9. Lol! We had similar hair stories through childhood…especially the bowl cut and the frying and dying during high school. Unfortunately I never got super straight in fine…instead I have coarse and wavy…gag.

    Interesting you only get a cut 3 to four times a year. I might go 3 times if I’m “on top” of things..and my friends think that’s crazy. They enjoy going to the salon every other month. $70 must get you a pretty good haircut! Mine is only $45-50, although when I get highlights, it really breaks that bank to maintain.

    • *high five* for child hood bowl cuts 🙂

      I have a shorter hair style and I think it requires more cutting maintenance. I really like my stylist – though at $70, it’s definitely a splurge. $45 – 50 seems more reasonable.

      One of the reasons I have never tried highlights, is the fear of maintenance. Laziness trumps vanity 🙂

  10. Annie Says:

    Wow.. about the most I have ever paid for a cut is $20, but I don’t get it done very often.

    I have always rotated between long and ver short. I had waist-length hair a couple years ago until I got tired and went shoulder-length.

    Right now I’m growing my hair back out from a love shave. Almost a year ago to the day I shaved my head “bald as a baby’s butt” in sympathy for my cousin’s brain surgery.. she is doing fine now, and my hair actually looks like a style again, though it has only been touched once with scissors since then to trip up the shaggy edges. I am so happy my bangs reach the tip of my nose now yay!

    Note: people really look at you funny when you walk around bald when you’re a girl! 🙂

    I wish my hair were straight but it has just enough wave to be annoying! You have beautiful hair!

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