Travel: Paris


Writing my last post and reading about other bloggerstravels has sparked up my love for travel. 🙂  I decided to dig through my travel pictures and live vicariously through them and share them with y’all.

Last year, BF and I took two weeks of our precious vacation time (actually, it was more like 8 days with statutory holidays and overtime :)) to visit the beautiful city of love, Paris.

The romantic city was all that I could have hoped it would be, and more.

I kept telling BF that I thought Paris was the most romantic city in the world. The entire I said that I pictured music, sunsets, silhouette, and food-to-die-for.  When I asked BF what he thought I meant by “romantic” he thought that I meant all the people making out.  LOL!

I loved the cobblestoned streets and groomed lawns. I loved that coffee shop seating always faced the streets, so that I could sip my espresso and eat my salad nicoise while people watching.

I loved the food. I loved the fresh bread.  I loved the toasty buttery croissants that I can’t find in Toronto.  I love that ordering a cappuccino is more popular that ordering a coffee.

I loved that it was perfectly fine to drink wine for lunch.  And dinner.

I loved that Parisians looked so effortlessly chic.

I didn’t even mind so much the many couples making out on benches, too much PDA, or the stench of urine under the bridges.  It reminded me that Paris wasn’t perfect, which just made it even more perfect.

Anyway, enough rambling and reminiscing.  I’m sure our photo’s will do the talking for me.

Enjoy~ 🙂

What’s your favourite photo from our little gallery?  What has been your favourite place(s) to travel to?  And why?

7 Responses to “Travel: Paris”

  1. Su Says:

    This makes me sigh. It looks so lovely. I really really need to find a way to make it out of North America and head to Europe. Thanks for sharing the inspiring pictures.

  2. Jersey Mom Says:

    Love your pictures. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Paris; waiting for my boys to be a little older before we bring them there. I don’t think they’ll understand or enjoy it when they’re too young.

  3. @Su:
    It makes me sigh, as well. Good times 🙂

    @Jersey Mom:
    I think traveling is something we appreciate more as we get older. It’s also a lot easier to get around when they are older, as well.

  4. Miss Guimba Says:

    Ooh, lovely, lovely pictures! Visiting Paris is my dream, too. I just don’t know how to make it happen, but nothing’s impossible. Hey, I curbed my shopping addiction, I might be able to do it, too.

  5. @Miss Guimba:
    You can make it happen 🙂

  6. Miss Guimba Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! =)

  7. Oh, I want to go back to Paris! You’d think we’d get there more often being in the same country, but we don’t strangely. I haven’t been in years.

    I love the Montmartre area and just strolling along the tiny streets and stairways there.

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