I Like Me



I got the inspiration for this post from Sassy Girl over at her awesome blog! 🙂

I like me because I can depend on myself

My family was poor and by high school, I was scared that my family would not be able to afford post secondary education for myself and my two sisters.  I started working two part time jobs, in addition to after joining the yearbook committee and stock market club.  I tutored high school kids after school, and a worked at McDonald’s on the weekends.

I got a partial scholarship to university and I worked hard to maintain it throughout the 5 years I was there.  I went to a school that had a good support system for internships, and was able to pay for my living expenses and tuition from my earnings.

I graduated and found a job.  I paid off my student loans and have been building up my net worth, as well, as helping my parents out whenever I can.

I like me because I am not afraid to try new things

I traveled to Boston for an internship and I went to Singapore by myself – both not knowing anyone else.  I made new friends  -some of whom I am very close to today.  I traveled to Egypt – and I want to continue to travel and explore new places.  Mount Everest.  The Great Wall of China. The Big Ben.  The Great Barrier Reefs.  The Amazon Rainforest.

I took salsa dancing and belly dancing classes – even though I have two left feet.  I joined volleyball, dodge ball, soccer and squash.

I like trying new recipes.  I like trying new foods.  New restaurants.

I like me because I am not afraid of a challenge

I am challenging myself to prioritize the stuff in my life, by embarking on this journey of minimalism.  I don’t want to just harbour stuff – I want to create lasting memories and live my life to the fullest.

I read about how to take control of my finances when I didn’t understand what an RRSP was.  I learned to track my expenses and budget according to the priorities in my life.  I now have a good size Emergency Fund, savings, RRSP and other investments. 🙂

I also taught myself how to swim after I took my last swimming lesson when I was in grade 2, and have been afraid to go into the waters when my feet couldn’t touch the ground.

I signed up for a half marathon with my sister because I believed I could train and run 20 km.  I am training – though I have fallen off the bandwagon, sometimes, I constantly climb back on and hang on.  Never give up!

I like me because I am comfortable in my own skin (now)

Like many people in high school, I did not have the greatest self image.  I felt awkwardly skinny.  I had acne.  I didn’t know how to wear make up, or wear cool clothes.

Today, I feel proud and confident when I smile.  I feel more comfortable in my own clothes (I think my outfits are more put together 😉 ).  I  have learned how to use make up, and also learned how to be comfortable au naturel.

I like me because I am smart

I memorized all my times table by the time I was in grade two.  I finished mad minutes faster than anyone in my classes throughout elementary school.

I was consistently at the top of my class in high school and got scholarships to attend university.  I finished university with honours and found a great job afterwards.

I like me because I am happy now 🙂

What about you?  What is your favourite thing about yourself? What do you like about yourself?

4 Responses to “I Like Me”

  1. Su Says:

    I loved this post! Well, I love your blog. I am so going to de-clutter my life! But to answer you question, I too like the fact that I can depend on myself. I guess it comes from growing up without money. I like that I am smart because it means that I can find solutions for challenges. I like that I am a nice person even if it makes me a sucker. I like that I can make people laugh (okay, so my humor is an acquired taste but making people smile is worth the odd “huh” )

  2. What about you? What is your favourite thing about yourself? What do you like about yourself?

    AM, you always have such lovely posts!! I feel refreshed after coming to your blog. Really, I do. Hmm, I really had to think hard about this one, because I am one to focus on the negatives. I justify it by saying that it’s for self-improvement purposes. I don’t let it get out-of-hand though.

    My favorite thing about myself is just that: my ambition. I love to push myself. I don’t think I ever want to stop trying to better myself. If anything, tomorrow is always a chance to make a better today.

    Although it took a while for me to admit this, I like everything about me. I wouldn’t change one hair on my head, not while I’ve got what I’ve got going on!!! HAHA.

  3. Jersey Mom Says:

    Being able to depend on yourself, having the ability to help your parents, and being unafraid of challenges are such great attributes to have. I can tell that you are very confident and happy with the life you’ve made for yourself. =)

  4. @ Su:
    Welcome to my blog 🙂

    I can relate to this trait, as well. “I like that I am a nice person even if it makes me a sucker.” Cuz you never know everyone’s story, and it doesn’t hurt to make someone’s life just a little easier, right? 🙂

    @ Investing Newbie:
    Awwww, thanks 🙂

    I think I do that a lot, too – focusing on my inadequacies. (Maybe it comes from growing up in a Chinese family where you are not expected to “gloat” since it’s not modest. Who knows :P)

    It’s great that you like everything about yourself! I applaud you because that’s the kind of self confidence everyone person should have!

    @ Jersey Mom:
    I have taken quite the journey to get here thus far, and I think it’s going to be a life long adventure. I’m learning that I can be proud of my accomplishments and yet be humbled by how much I still have to learn.

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