A Letter to Myself Ten Years in the Future


There has been a bug going around recently to write a letter to yourself in ten years.  I have caught this bug from Investing Newbie, Musings of an Abstract Aucklander and Small Steps for Big Changes, and am going to write one to myself :).

Dear Minimalist Guru,

How are you doing?  How are things in the future?

I hope things are going well for you, and most of all – you are happy! 🙂

I hope that you have achieved most of your minimalistic goals, and continue to challenge yourself and set new goals!  Say no to clutter 🙂

When I think of the future, I break it down into a few important categories: family, friends, passions and career.

I hope that you have been visiting your parents often.  At least once a month.  Right now, you’ve been getting caught up in life, and have not been home in a while.  I hope that you have a home not too far from Mom and Dad – maybe 30 minutes.

Make sure you bring your Dad some roasted pork, or salted fish with chicken fried rice when you visit.  Learn all your mom’s secret recipes so you can pass them onto your generation!  Don’t forget about the soup using bitter melon leaves!

Your sisters are all grown up now.  I hope that you guys are all still close, and still have sleepovers and cook-a-thons.  I hope you still share secrets and giggle together.  I hope you can all still fit in each other’s clothes and have clothes swapping every Christmas.  Most of all, I hope that you will continue to support each others’ dreams.

Do you have a family of your own now?  Is BF now husband?  Do you still cook together on weekends after sleeping in.  How many kids do you have?  Are they happy and eager to learn?  Are they tall like BF/Husband?  Do they like playing in the backyard with dirt, digging up worms and chasing grasshoppers like you?  Are they athletic?  Or do they prefer to curl up with a good book and conduct science experiments in your basement?

Remember that your heart belongs to you.  I hope you remember that sometimes, it hurts to love someone, but love itself should never hurt you.  I hope that you have found someone special to share it with.

Has BF graduated to H, yet?  Does he still make you smile and laugh at just the thought of him?  Do you still cook crazy meals together, and snuggle on the couch to watch re-runs of Criminal Minds?

Do you still remember the pains of getting over your first heart break?  But also remember how beautiful it was afterwards to re-discover yourself, and your heart, and meet someone who helped you love again? Remember to pass on the wisdom to your daughter, and hold her hand when she experiences her first heart break.

I know you have a few close ones now.  Make sure you make time to keep seeing each other, no matter how each of your lives’ path may lead you apart.  Some friends may go, and some may stay, but it sure if a lot harder to keep a good friend, than to make a new one.

Cherish the memories that you had as girls, it’s something that you will never get back, but can only look fondly upon.  Traveling SE Asia and Egypt with B, and all those crazy college nights with J.  And make new memories together.

Do you still love to cook and travel? How has your style of both changed in the last ten years.  I remember when I first traveled, I wanted to see everywhere!

Then, last year, I started to want to experience more than to see.  I wanted to saunter through Paris and soak it all in.  I didn’t care if I didn’t see all the sites, I just wanted to enjoy my cappuccino and croissant.

Do you still cook and discover new recipes?  Do you now cook with a pressure cooker and crock pot on a regular basis?  Have you perfected the water portions for using a slow cooker yet? Can you make all those Vietnamese meals from scratch – like Banh Xiao and Pho?  Have you learned all the secrets to your mom’s recipes?

Have you ran a marathon, yet?  Do you keep up with exercise on a daily basis?  Remember that time ten years ago, when you signed up for a half marathon just because your little sister asked you to?  And then you trained like a mofo to get from running only 5 minutes to more than 2 hours?  I hope you have grown wiser since, but not lost that your sense of adventure.

I hope you can still go outside, and spend it lying on a beach or  in the grass or on snow, and feel that it was a day of accomplishment.  Make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen – I did, and that’s why you still look pretty good! 😉

Are you a personal finance guru as well now?  I hope that you have a networth is in the six figures, and you are sitting on a hefty amount of savings, emergency fund, and investments.

Have you and BF/Husband explored income properties?  How are your RRSP contributions going?  Have you used some of your RRSP for a down payment on the house, or did you save for it and leave the RRSP alone?

Do you own a house?  Have you paid off most of the mortgage?  Is it not too big, but just right for your needs.  Are the walls white, as you had once imagined?  Are you planning any renovation work?

Where are you in your career?  I am currently working towards my P.Eng., and contemplating what I want to pursue after that. Perhaps a Masters in Public Policy / Administration to complement the engineering side of you?

I remember wanting to be in a position of a higher level planning – likely for buildings.  Have you started a side business with B.?  Remember how you would talk about starting a side business with making crafts and jewelery?

I hope that you are happy and doing something that you like. I have never felt that a job should be the main passion, but it is important, and it should balance with the other aspects of your life.  Maybe you are in a position and company where you can work part-time, and be able to spend time with your family. Kids grow up so fast don’t they?

That’s it for now.  I know you must be very busy with your life as a 35 year old.

Remember to always cherish every moment.  Live every day with no regrets 🙂

Love always,
Aspiring Minimalist

5 Responses to “A Letter to Myself Ten Years in the Future”

  1. That’s a wonderful letter! I hope you get to do all that and more. Swapping clothes with your sisters sounds great. Too bad my sister’s a size 0 and I always hover between 2 and 4. I can never fit into her clothes…

  2. eemusings Says:

    Love this letter! Isn’t that the end goal for us all – happiness?

  3. body face Says:

    That’s killarious. I love the idea. Maybe I will write one for myself too.

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