Welcome to America!


This post is not related to minimalism but can you believe this!?

Background: I completed a paid internship in Boston for 4 months during my undergraduate degree.  I paid all the taxes but I didn’t file my income taxes correctly the first time around.

I finally got around to doing this last year, and ended up getting quite a refund (thanks, H&R Block!).

Now, I get this in the mail.

Basically, it’s tell me that the money I got from my tax return is taxable income!   Can you believe it!?

That is messed up.

Note: I don’t think they will end up charging me for anything since the amount is minimal – 135USD, but it’s the principle of the matter.

6 Responses to “Welcome to America!”

  1. Ah, what can you do? IRS can do whatever they want. At least you got something back. =)

  2. Shadowmoss Says:

    I believe they send that if you filed the tax you paid as an itemized deduction on your Federal form for the year. Or not. I know I used to get a form for that when I itemized my state tax paid on my Federal one, and then got a refund on the state tax later.

    • Thanks for the info, Shadowmoss. I got my form from the Massachusetts DOR, so the amount is actually the amount I paid for the state tax. I haven’t heard back from Federal, though I’m not completely sure how it works since I didn’t do my US taxes, myself.

  3. eemusings Says:

    Give with one hand, take with the other. Sigh. Least you still come out ahead, right?

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