Olympics 2010 Thoughts


I can’t believe the Olympics are over!  *tear*

Like many of my fellow Canadians, I have followed many hours of Olympics through out the last two weeks.

I love the way the Olympic put together the clips of “The Difference Makers” and “Super Bodies.”  It might sound corny, but I was in tears by the end of most of “The Difference Makers” clips.  They were just so touching, and we were able to see the athletes in another light.

I was able to see them in a light that I was able to relate to.  That they too, had people who believed in them, and pushed them to be who they are today.  I thought that was very heart warming.

Watching the Olympic closing ceremonies last (and the hockey game!  GO CANADA!!!), I felt so proud to be a Canadian.  My heart just soared, and I was so thankful and proud to be a part of this nation.  This nation that gives so many of us an opportunity to be the best that we can be.

Watching the athletes compete, and their passion for their sport show in they way they carried themselves, was very very inspiring.  It made me wonder how big each of their dreams were.  What were their goals?  Did they always know that they wanted to be an Olympian?  Or to win a gold medal?

I think about all the work and the sacrifices each of the athletes had to make for their moment to be possible.  It is unfathomable to me.

I saw this video on the Olympic champion of the women’s figure skating, a young lady from Korea, Miss Kim Yu Na.  I found this video so touching.

This video is a mini re-cap of some of the struggles that Miss Yu Na had to overcome in order to become the great figure skater she is today.  It tells of her roots in a country that was virtually nowhere on the radar of competitive figure skating.  How she won her first international competition at age 11, and never missed podium finishes after that.  It tells us that she skated in wrong sized boots when she couldn’t afford it, or went to competitions alone to reduce costs.

I am inspired by her story, because I believe all these struggles helped her become both a stronger person and athlete.  Without her struggles, and her determination and hard work to overcome her struggles, the world may not know of this great young lady.

Miss Joannie Rochette of Canada skated a beautiful program and won bronze after learning of her mother’s sudden passing only a couple days before the biggest event of her life.  Imagine how much power it took to hold together, the determination and courage to keep going and fulfilling her dreams after just losing the most important person in your life.

And I believe these ladies’ stories are just a couple of the many great stories of our Olympic athletes.  Many thanks for all the wonderful athletes who have trained so hard  to compete, and inspired us all to follow our dreams.  I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did!

PS.  Canada won 14 gold medals in these games!  That is more gold medals than any nation has every won in Olympic history! GO CANADA GO!!!

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