Eating Out Less


Although, I am a self-professed food-aholic, one of my goals this year is to limit the amount of money I spend on dining out.  I think this goal will help me progress on my journey to minimalism since it is making me think more about the cost of food and nutrition.  There are many things that I cannot make, and I would gladly go out for a meal (and thoroughly enjoy it!), however, there are many things that I can simply make myself.

I learned back in my college days that I can eat the same food for an entire week and not get sick of it.  I have adjusted the methodology a little to help me save money on eating during the week.  I usually cook a big batch of food (usually on a Sunday night) and I package them in tupperware containers for the rest of the week in my fridge.

There are three major advantages for me:

1) I spend a lot less in groceries than I do on a meal out – not to mention the stuff they have at the Sandwiche shop downstairs in our office building is yucky and over priced.

2)  I get to control the amount of veggies, type of meat, amount of oil, salt and other seasonings to make sure that I am eating something that is nutritious and delicious.

3) I get to control the proportions of my meals.  I won’t over eat (I tend to eat really fast), and I can fill up on fruits after my entree since it usually takes about 10 minutes for my brain to register that I am already full.

Sometimes, things come up and I don’t finish all my “lunch boxes” of the week.  I usually make about 6 to 8 servings of rice with two side dishes.  I take these “lunch boxes” to BF’s.  He loves my lunch boxes 🙂

My grocery bills average between $20 to $30 per week – depending on if I am stocking up my pantry, or just grabbing some ingredients for the week.  Whenever I visit BF downtown, I usually pick up some groceries from Chinatown on my way back, and the cost for groceries is even less!  One of my favourite places to do grocery shopping – I love the bustle!

On the menu for this week is stir-fried asparagus and tomatoes, stir fried zuchini and fresh shitake mushrooms with green onions with jasmine rice.  Yummy.  I made 8 servings of this.  Grocery Bill: $10.21

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