Hello world!


Hi there everyone (*waves*),

This blog will be a record of my journey to a more minimalistic lifestyle.  Although, I do not think that I am a big consumer, I know there are many materials items in my life that weigh me down and complicates my life.  I am a self-professed newbie at minimalism and any comments and constructive criticism is welcome on my blog.

First, I will start with a little background on me and why I chose to start my path to minimalism.

I am a Canadian gal in my mid twenties who just got out of university a year and a half ago, and landed my first full time job.  I moved out of my parents’ home, and have been renting my basement apartment from a dear old elderly couple (family friend) ever since.

I grew up poor.  My father and mother were (and are) extremely hard working and have sacrificed so much so that my sisters and I could live a better life.  Despite being poor, we always had warm clothes, great food to eat and most of all – we were happy.  We spent a lot of time together as a family (always eating dinner together, frequent trips to the parks on the weekends and summer holidays, etc), which I now miss very much as an adult.

When I went off to university, I moved around A LOT.  I was enrolled in an alternating work-study program which helped me pay for almost all of my tuition and living expenses.  It was a great experience.  It also taught me how to pack up my life in a few hours with a few Rubbermaid boxes.

The turning point came for me when I started to travel.  I went on an exchange term to Singapore and spent almost four months touring Southeast Asia.  Jet setting on weekends, backpacking through beaches and ancient ruins.  Hands down, the most breath taking experience of my life (thus far!).

I wish I could say that I started my South east Asian journey like a minimalistic nomad with just a backpack, but alas, I arrived in Singapore with th e maximum allowable amount of baggage in tow.  Two huge luggages, a carry-on luggage AND a back pack.  All stuffed.  When I got to Singapore, a Taxi driver uncle even asked me, “Why does ONE little girl need FOUR big luggages?!”

I brought everything from winter jacket (uhhhh… don’t ask!), too many pairs of shoes, too many text books (really, who studies on exchange?), and too much clothes in general.  Luckily for me, I met a great bunch of people who taught me how to travel light and cheap.  When I took my two week long backpacking trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I was able to squeeze all that I needed to my Adidas back pack (I didn’t end up buying a pack until afterwards).

The mobility that we were able to just pick up and go anywhere was really fun, and quite exhilarating for me.

After that experience more than 3 years ago, I realize that minimalism is something that can be incorporated into my daily life.  Coupled with my new found experience in the working world, I realize the potential for happiness is endless.  I certainly don’t need materials things to be happy – though, to a certain extent, comfortable.  And the more minimalistic my life can be, the less time and energy I can spend worry about those things that are not adding value to me life.

So that’s my long winded introduction.  This is me.  Please join me on my journey to a minimalistic life.

— Aspiring Minimalist

PS.  GO CANADA!!! Mens Hockey: Canada and Switzerland are tied at 2:2 after OT.  I can’t believe it’s going to a shoot out.  GO CANADA GO!!!

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Miss Guimba Says:

    Hello! I’m starting my minimalism/simplifying journey myself. Found your blog through Miss Minimalist. It’s a difficult one to make, but so far, I’ve been so happy with the results of my decision. Good luck to us and it’s great to get to know more people doing this.

    • Hi there! Welcome 🙂
      It’s great there are so many people out there with a similar mindset. I find it so inspiring there are people like Miss Minimalist who share their thoughts and ideas, so that us newbies can get started and learn from them!

  2. finding my way Says:

    Hi AM; I’m so glad I found your blog today 🙂 The few posts I’ve read were very enjoyable. Good Luck! FMW

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